Take some time for yourself

The kitchen

We have a fully equipped kitchen that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Shop amazing quality ingredients at the local market and prepare a fabulous meal for your family or friends.

The "Furno"

The traditional oven can be operated in winter and spring. It serves for making traditional greek “easterbread”, lamb, or pizza. Preparing your meals this way is not only a special event, but it also gives your food an exceptional taste.  

The living-room

The living-room represents the center of the house. Whether you want to play board games, read or just relax with a glass of the local Retsina wine is up to you.

The living room is, like the rest of the house, equipped with heating that spreads a cozy warmth throughout the rooms in the winter time.

Parent bed room

Arcadia is equipped with a generous parent bed room that has its own bathroom. The double doors lead right to the garden and in the morning the sweet smell of lemon tress and flowers make getting up a lot easier.  Bedclothes and towels are provided, so you don’t have to bring your own. 

However, the patio right outside the bedroom, has already attracted some guests to sleep outside under the moon and the stars.

Kids' bedroom

Arcadia has two bedrooms for the kids, with two beds in each room. Here, even during the hottest day of summer, your kids will find a cool refuge from the heat and enjoy a wonderful sleep.

The large bathroom

The house has two bathrooms, although the larger one might be more comfortable to shower. There is warm water, so you can enjoy a warm shower after a long day at the beach. Or you use the cool water to cool down your body. 

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